Parker Executive Search understands the demanding search requirements of its corporate clients and recognizes the often challenging task of executing senior level searches.

PES utilizes a proven methodology to assist the client in successfully managing the selection process. We agree with the client on a strict timeline and commit the full resources of our firm to aggressively conduct the search to exceed the client's expectations.

  1. Define objectives and specifications
    • 360 interview with client to fully understand company situation, organizational structure, current versus desired culture and hiring goals
    • Identify search opportunities and challenges
    • Define search strategy
    • Develop a position specification
    • Agree upon a search timeline
  2. Identify and assess candidates
    • Leverage contacts, previous experience and market insights to gain access to superior talent
    • Conduct strategic research to identify additional sources and potential candidates
    • Aggressively recruit on-target candidates
    • Formally assess candidates against position qualifications, leadership competencies and client’s desired culture
  3. Facilitate process and interviews
    • Propose candidate slate and coordinate client / candidate interviews, including travel and hotel arrangements
    • Assist client with interview preparation
    • Conduct extensive background and reference checks, including degree verification
  4. Negotiation/Closure & Candidate follow-up
    • Recruit preferred candidate and assist client in offer and negotiations
    • Assist successful candidate in resignation process
    • Follow-up communication with all candidates

PES will develop a secure website exclusively for search committee members, providing access to detailed information on the process, timeline, and candidates.

* This process can be customized to meet individual client requirements.

Our Search Process

“The Parker Executive Search team has a gift for identifying and recruiting top talent. Their defined process brings fluidity and efficiency to what can be a complex and time-consuming task. We at Ingram truly value our strategic partnership.”

- John Ingram, Chairman, Ingram Industries, Inc.